Sunday, January 06, 2008

The signs of a Sign

Some days ago, I ran across a news article about Bilawal Bhutto, he said that "Signs are important in this country." This same quote became the most fitting title of the article.

The young Bhutto made sense. Signs are important, not only in the realm of politics but also in the life of human beings who have been created with perceptive senses.

We need to see a concrete path so that we could be secured with the steps we take. The rich aroma of coffee being brewed heightens a thirst for some dose of caffeine. The embrace of a loved one will never fail to console us, as if telling "I'm here, Don't you worry, I'm just here."

As I pound on my keyboard, I recall the various principles in our advertising class as regards the significance of a company logo. Specialists would painstakingly select colors, shapes, and even images that will come with it. And how, after some years of existence, these companies would protect the same badge of their institutions.

Our gospel this Sunday depicts the crucial role which a sign portrayed to lead the wise men right on the spot where the newly born Jesus was. If it were not for that star, it would have been more difficult for the magi to locate Him, and to offer Him their presents.

Salesians are called and challenged, not to become stars, but to become signs—and bearers—of God's love for the young.

Months from now, I am both thrilled and afraid to become one.