Sunday, October 30, 2011

Herbs on the rooftop

Graduating from taking care of ornamental plants in the community, I thought of trying my luck in herbs.

There are a number of herbs found in the premises of the seminary. There's the oregano of course, tanglad, pandan, various types of mint, basil and a lot more!

But one time, while buying some ornamental plants in Bay, a town in Laguna after Los Banos, I saw a stall where only herbs are being sold. I bought some whether I'd be able to sustain them.

I chose the rooftop as the place to keep the herbs as it is convenient for me to tend them in my free time. I usually water them before the first streaks of the morning sun visit them. And if there is a need, I water them in the afternoon, just before the sun sets.

Sesame plant
This plant is the source of sesame seeds. I took this shot three weeks ago. The leaves are brownish these days. Not that it's wilting, but I just have this strong feeling that it is its way of telling me that I already need to transfer it to a bigger container.


You see the buds surrounding the big yellow flower? They are all in perfect bloom now. And even if I cut them to be transplanted, nothing seems to stop their radiance. It does feel good to see yellow flowers of the Tarragon as I visit them anytime of the day.

By the way, the Tarragon leaves are excellent for tea!
Still, some Tarragon plants

Onion Chives , Garlic Chives and Rosemary

Nothing much to say about these except that I am always smitten by the rich aroma of the Chives and that I find Rosemary to be a delicate plant that I haven't touched it since I bought it for the fear that I might not be able to take care of it properly.

Partial macro shot of the herb garden

The improvised pots I used here are coming from used dish washing bottles. I sliced them open using a cutter, and voila! instant pots that are absolutely cost-free!

Gotukolas are known to be brain enhancers. I'v known of some seminarians who would pick from the garden in order to mix it with their hot drinks. But they can be eaten raw as well. There is just a tad bittery taste.

Welsh onion, another variety of chives

Currently, I have three varieties of chives: welsh onion, onion and garlic. Of the three, the most flavorful is the garlic. It really smells like one!

Super macro shot of the entire garden

The seedlings in the red basin are zinias. They are beautiful flowering plants but they don'y last that long, though. I thought of including them here since the rooftop has got plenty of sunshine, which is good for the germination of the seeds.

The rooftop may be one good place to store the herbs, but I also am taking precautions. When the sun is too hot, I take it upon myself to keep the herbs under the shade. That way, the burnt leaves may be avoided. Once they are all grown ups, I'll transfer them to the second floor where we (that is, Fr. Rector and I) are setting up an herb garden

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