Friday, September 08, 2006

txt msges

yesterday, i was trying to organize my pc files. i chanced upon one file entitled “unforgettable text messages.doc” it’s a collection of text messages that i laboriously encoded from my phone. they’re all two years old.

these messages are unforgettable not because they please me, nor they caused me much pain. they are unforgettable because they came from individuals who became a part of my life.

from a former batchmate, after my application to the novitiate:

you know kuya donz im so happy for you and of course about your decision. akala ko kasi hanggang pangarap na lang yung novice-partnership natin. hindi pala! mabait talaga si lord. i was really hoping that you apply—you are one of my few real friends. feb 12/01:12pm

from a former student:
sir, buti nagparamdam kayo. i miss you so much. gusto ko kayo makita ulit. gusto ko kayo kausapin e. in person. i love you sir. april 16/8:26pm

from a former batchmate, after my telling him that i will not proceed to the novitiate:
im still hoping that a miracle would happen. i believe that you should hold on to your decision of pursuing the novitiate.i’ll pray that you take what god really wants. mahal din kita. good night. april 29 @11:13am

two years ago, this text message of mine changed my life:
good afternoon po fr. my doctor told me that i am negative of tumor and epilepsy isn’t established yet. but i have decided not to go for novitiate. i wish i could talk to you in person. i’ll be there when you return from cebu. ingat po kayo. extend my regards to my batchmates. i hope our frienship remains. i will miss the salesians. l april 30 @ 5:30

from another former batchmate, after my telling him that i will not proceed to the novitiate:
thank you for finally owning that you don’t just want to continue.
i wish you all the hapiness and good health. you will always be a friend
to me. april 30

from a formator:
novices are adjusting very well. i don’t need explanations.
it’s your choice. may 3 @ 1:56pm

here’s my rejoinder to the message above

im glad they’re doing well. i wont explain things to you. i am sad. but i am happier now…one thing i learned from you is closure. could i just bid
goodbye in person? i still cherish the friendship.

and his reply:

will talk later. im fine, don’t say you want to be a jesuit get married, or
just be a plain teacher, or sick with epilepsy. we’ll understand if you don’t
have the guts to let go may 3 @ 2:25pm

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