Sunday, November 26, 2006

letter to my batch

the moment you read this, i guess, the acceptance rite to prenovitiate is already over. and i am already wearing the postulant’s cross…and i am no longer a member of the batch.

i don’t know why i am writing this note for the batch. perhaps because it is my way of thanking you for the beautiful friendship you have shared with me over the past months. although i am more than one decade senior to most of you, i am enriched by the experience i had with the batch and if only i were a little younger, and vocations are abundant, i could have extended for the next three years to wait for each of you; so that we could be postulants altogether…and we could wear the cross all at the same time…and we can still be batchmates….and we can continue to be with one another until the last days of our lives.

but as we already know, it is not the case. life is a journey we all have to undertake, with or without the people whom we consider significant. i have decided to pursue the road that i have been avoiding to thread for the recent years of my life. as i grow older, i realized there are things in life that are inescapable…

another reason perhaps why i am writing this note is for me to express my grief. yes, i am happy that i have been accepted to the prenovitiate. but my becoming a prenovice signals a lot of changes.

the first is of course, i am no longer a bonafide member of the batch. i will surely miss future events when we have to do something by batch. for the past days, i have been reflecting on my relationships with the members of our community, and one thing i discovered is that each of you has been my comfort zone. if something needs to be done, say, folding of copies of insideout, it is just a cinch to ask for your help. last week, i was moved by the concern shown by first year sas members to forego the games time just so they can help us fold the brochure. what a great act of sacrifice! what an act of charity!

these are the things i will miss and definitely cherish as i finally part ways with you. let me take this chance also to apologize for teasing the batch (especially ron, james, roman, and renan in particular) whenever i would be making side comments about my being a prenovice. i hope you don’t mind such foolish acts. it’s one way to cope with the situation.

as i leave the batch, i hope, nothing will change. i will strive to remain the same. i will always be your kuya. and being one, i will always be responsible to each of you.

happy feast day of christ the king!

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