Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy birthday, Br. Dominggus!

Yesterday, we celebrated Br. Dominggus' 24th birthday.

It was just a simple celebration. Perhaps, it was eclipsed by the forthcoming Solemnity of our Lady's Assumption. Good thing, we were able to choose a song that would befit the occasion. We practiced last week, and the fine tuning of the song took place two nights ago.

The celebration had to be done during lunch time since the play staged by the aspirants would be at 8 PM.

Migs printed the spiritual bouquet (a collection of prayers we gathered for the past weeks) for Brother Dominggus.

Birthday is an event that comes every year to each of us. And in the context of our setting, it is a wonderful occasion to reflect not only the skills and talents of Br. Dominggus, but especially the richness of the gift of his personhood.