Monday, August 13, 2007

Strumming the guitar

Last year, I started to learn playing the guitar.

I chose it over the other options available because it's the most pervasive when musical instruments are concerned. you can bring it to the mountains, or you can pluck your hearts content in the comfort of your room. Not to mention that it is the most popular instrument also among the young.
The environment to play the instrument was nurturing in Canlubang. No less than Br. Jake was my instructor and Br. Melo, our brother assistant made it sure that I learn it.

He (Br. Melo) would be around during our musical skills development (which would last for half an hour daily). On top of these, I was grouped with Gon and Jesvir, my classmates who were also (miserably) learning to play the guitar with me.

However, at the end of the year, I only learned how to play the alleluia song "Seek Ye First." And I couldn't honestly tell myself that I was good at it. I performed so crudely, and I had to depend on my two other struggling classmates for me to play it decently.

I realized that the environment wasn't that much of a help after all. I ended up consuming the whole 30-minute period chatting with Gon and Jesvir, and at times, with my instructor, Br. Jake.

This year in the novitiate, I am again up in arms in learning to play the instrument. However, I realized that no one knows here how to play the instrument competently. My classmates this time are Migs and Br. Dominggus. Noble is also learning to play the instrument, but he seems to be more interested in playing Pakistani songs.

Oh boy, let's see where my destiny brings me this time.

kudos to my classmate, Nov. Migs for taking the picture above. No, that humongous guitar isn't functional at all--I don't use it. It's just one of the landmarks in the island of Mactan.