Thursday, September 20, 2007

+Br. Lorenzo Nardin, SDB

Article 54 of the SDB Constitutions reads

“...When the hour comes for a Salesian to bring his consecrated life to its highest fulfillments, his brothers help him to enter fully into Christ's paschal mystery. Death for a Salesian is made bright by the hope of entering into the joy of the Lord.”

“The memory of departed confreres unties, ‘in a love that will not pass away,' those who are still pilgrims with those who are already resting in Christ.”

I first met Br. Nardin the first time in Tabor House some years back. He was already weak that time. But what struck me was his ever booming voice and his endless supply of energy despite the obvious difficulty in his legs.
He had the ready smile for us, a characteristic of most Salesians I've encountered have. And he stopped by at us--to converse with us.
That was my first and last encounter with him. I never learnt anything from that light conversation. I think, it was just an ordinary hi-hello thingy. But it meant a lot for me. That meeting made me consider him a true blooded SDB.
That picture of him, weak and old, did not prevent him from reaching out to us. Not because we were special, but because we're young.
We got the sad news that he passed away last Monday. This morning, at 9 AM, he was laid on his final resting place.
Thank you for that little lesson on Salesian Presence, Bro.
See you soon.