Monday, September 03, 2007


Rob is one of the guys I share a very intimate relationship with.

I trace my friendship with him since we both entered the seminary seven years ago, and that signaled the blossoming of a beautiful and wholesome fraternal relationship.

During study period in our study hall, we would throw little notes (usually inquiries about assignments due the next day) to each other while the assistant was not looking.
We would waste time with each other often with our empty philosophical and theological thoughts.

But I realize that that is one of the happiest moments in my life.

Although with much hesitation, he left the the seminary months after he entered, but we have kept in touch, just to catch up with our lives (his: business endeavors/ mine: vocation).

Here's a salute to a great friend and a bosom buddy whom I love so very much.

Eat more. God bless.