Saturday, September 22, 2007


I was cleaning my computer when I realized that I have this picture saved in one of the cells of my hard drive.
A co-teacher showed me this paper. It's one of her students'. I think I queried her about that student.
I cannot remember exactly what happened, but I think I was able to talk to him and ask about the identity of his friend who happened to be my former student.
For some reasons I don't know, I think he refused to name him.
Anyway, little things like this do make the teacher in me crave for more classroom experiences. It makes me rejoice because I know that students I journey with don't only learn stuff from me, but I am an instrument in transforming them. It's a little trophy along with the monthly pay checks I do get. But this one isn't fleeting. It's a "thing of beauty that will be a source of my joy forever."