Sunday, October 14, 2007


As usual, Fr. Fidel left me in a pensive mood after he delivered his good night talk last night. Good night talk is a uniquely Salesian tradition that dates back to the time of Don Bosco. Before his charges would retire for their night rest, he would bid them good night with an edifying message.

Updates on the last minute preparations for the second part of the provincial chapter were made privy to us. It will take place in about a week's time. And then, he reminded us about one of the themes of the chapter: Return to Don Bosco.

"But what kind of Don Bosco should we return to?" He quipped. "Will it be the zealous Don Bosco? or the poor Don Bosco?"

These are rhetorical questions, I guess. But his point is clear. For us not to return to Don Bosco, we should always bring a little something of him as we journey on.