Tuesday, October 16, 2007


It's our examination week in the novitiate.

Four subjects down (Constitutions, Italian, Christology and Theology of Religious Life). Tomorrow, we'll just have one subject more: Fundamentals of Christian Doctrine. Salesianity was scheduled tomorrow. But since Fr. Ronel is not around, the exam for his subject is postponed until he returns from Tagaytay.

Just a quick assessment. I am confident in my Italian and TRL exams. I already got the result of my constitutions exams, and it’s…satisfactory.

I am not sure though with my performance in Christology. The questions made me dizzy. Plus, the questions on biblical passages baffled me (one question went like this: In what portion of the Johanine gospel can you find the “I am the Bread of Life” statement?). Sure thing, Fr. Wilbert taught us this—it’s in the handout—together with the other six “I AM” statements of Christ in the gospel written by St. John.

I failed to answer the four or so questions that fell on this category (i.e. biblical passage identification). I think, memory work wasn’t really a big task for me. But the numbers in the biblical passages intimidated me.

Oh well, tomorrow, I am secured that things will go well. We didn’t discuss any biblical passages there.