Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Portrait of Jesus as a Teacher

The second half of the novitiate year ushered in to a series of discussions in our Christology class that has been…surprisingly light.

Really, contrasting our discussions with what we had the past months (which was overwhelmingly breathless!), the Christology discussions we have had focused on one of Christ's pedagogical method: the parables.

Okay. Lest I be misconstrued that the topic was not really enriching, I would say that it is!

In fact, I was able to appreciate the teacher in Jesus more because of this discussion. Back in those years when I was taking up education units, we needed to study various teachers across the various epochs of human civilization vis-a-vis their teaching methods.

Being a teacher myself, I saw Christ in a different light.

Sure, He is the Good Shepherd, He is the Way, the Truth and the Light, He is the only begotten Son of the Father and the list of His rather esoteric titles is endless.

But Christ is also a teacher.

And He taught using the parables. He used metaphors and comparisons to drive home his point.

Realizing this, my esteem as an English teacher has been raised a bit since Christ preferred using stories to emphasize His teaching. After all, aren't these things within the confine of the English subjects and not of the highfaluting realm of the philosophies?

But moving on to something deeper, I realized how Christ really wanted to communicate the love of the Father to us. And we know that when these stories, analogies, examples weren't longer effective and had lost their bite on His audience, He resorted to something inevitable. He offered His life.

As one of His novice and budding ministers, I pray for that sense of creativity to become more dynamic in dealing with the young. Sometimes, I'd notice that I have grown tired already of giving my everything just so I can make my apostolate with them (KOA and basketeers) become more fruitful.

Like Him, may I be able to give everything of myself: my talents, my strength, and hopefully, my whole life.