Friday, November 16, 2007

Some Death Wishes

The questions below seem to be those ubiquitous questions in the bulletin board of Friendster. But these were the questions I had to confront with when we had the variation Mass yesterday.

In the novitiate, every Thursday of each week, we introduce certain variations in the Holy Mass, and if it's Boni's turn to do it, sharing is always an essential ingredient. He told us that in keeping with the month of the dead, it is very much in order to talk about our death.

Age of death: 29 years old (preferably, some days after my profession)
Where: Canlubang
Reason: illness (so that I'd have the time to prepare myself sacramentally)
Music: "Gone" by Jim Chapel
Color of the coffin: black
Pallbearers: the second years seminarians (they're my classmates last year)
Celebrants: Aside from Fr. Provincial, I wish to have Fr. Nioret and Fr. Wilbert as celebrants
Homilist: Fr. Mols (my long time spiritual director; I presume he knows me inside out.)
Eulogy: Apart from my family, I hope that the 5 special people in my life will be there to throw in some words about me.
Epitaph: "He struggled to follow Christ"

Let me add an addendum: if I die, I wish that those whom I entrusted my passwords with (in my three e-mail accounts, Multiply, Friendster and Blogger) would inform my contacts about my demise.