Sunday, November 11, 2007

A trip with the Basketeers

I was out today with the members of the basketball club. I joined them for their hike in a place called Jaclupan. Going there, we passed by Manipis. Last Monday, we went there (Manipis) for biking, we stopped when we reached the water reservoir of the Metro Cebu Water District (MCWD). Riding the bicycle, I was fascinated with the greenery and all the while, I was thinking why the place got its name. The road was not manipis (narrow). But aboard the bus, I realized how narrow the highway is. It deserves its name after all.

The hike this afternoon was a good 20 minutes. Along the way, Mother Nature never failed to impress upon me her dazzling beauty. The weather wasn't good. It was drizzling when we arrived, but it did not dampen altogether our spirits, and my flair for taking pictures. One kid even asked me "brodz, is your camera water proof?" "Well, it's not. But my need to capture this beauty is greater than my camera" I told myself. To the thoughtful lad I flashed a coy smile as I click on the shutter anew.

We had to stop for a while Mundoy was counting the money. The cave has an entrance fee of P 10 per head, which puzzled me. I've been to the majestic cave of Sagada and the historical Pamitingan cave in Montalban, and I did not have to shell out even a single peso before allowed entrance.

I would soon realize that the "management" has paved some of the stairs and installed electric bulb inside the cave. Such enterprising spirit!
Tons of picture were uploaded in my multiply account!