Saturday, December 01, 2007

Advent recollection for our students

It's a tiring day.

After going to bed last night roughly 30 minutes before midnight, we rose up at the sound of the bell today at 5.30 in the morning. The tiresome ordeal we had to confront last night wasn't over. In fact, it was just the start of something...bigger.

Today, we met our students from the two national high schools we're teaching catechism in every Wednesday. It's for their advent recollection. The number was big. We're expecting as much as 200 students, but on the final tally, those who came reached about over 260.

Thanks to the foresight of Fr. Wilbert, who patiently guided as with the experience, the logistics weren't much of a problem. The signboards (directions, CR, off limits area, etc.) were properly installed the day before. Snacks also came on time.

Migs and I who were tasked to be the speakers for the event did also well. I guess. Given the fact that 1) we failed to finish our respective talks the night before and 2) we're not Cebuanos.

I'm not sure with Migs, but for someone who is as shy and timid as I am (who is an introverted lot!) speaking before a crowd of 200 was indeed a major challenge. But on the hindsight, the experience was great. Giving the talk was not really that troublesome. In fact, at certain points, I did enjoy it. Especially when the participants gamely contributed their inputs.

As early as 7 AM we already saw a student around. The call time was 7.30. In the imperial Manila, Friday is marked especially for night outs. Bars and grills are particularly filled in that day of the week. And the "happy hour" would extend until the wee hours of the morning. It dawned on me that this may not be true for Cebu.

And a few minutes later, a barrage of teenagers made their presence felt. Some arrived in tricycle. Other merely walked. And it's very interesting that a bunch of students even came aboard a cab! Instantly, the space before the chapel was filled with the participants.

The activity that we organized is a spiritual affair. And yet, the young came in droves. I was reminded of what Bishop Pat told in his good night talk to us recently. The young "hunger for spirituality."

This affair may be one of those many indications that what he said is true.

Seeing the "kids" as they lined up for confessions and communion (later during the Mass) was really something beyond any adjectives. It felt heaven pushing them to meet Christ in the confessional box and led them eventually to receive His body.

Our efforts paid off, so to say. Not to mention the fact that some priests (Fr. Ronel, Fr. Randy, Fr. Nioret, and Fr. Wilbert) gave their time from 2 PM to about 5 PM. And that's whopping 3 hours! It's really inspiring.

Yes, my body is dead tired. But my spirit is very much alive.
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