Saturday, December 22, 2007

Shopping spree at the novitiate

We were given money yesterday to shop for gifts which we'll exchange via the three Christmas parties slated these coming days.

Instead of checking items at the malls, we trouped to carbon. We heard from the people around that Carbon is the right place for somebody looking for cheapskate. We, are not. But we need to buy the gifts on a shoestring budget, and so Carbon is the place to be.

Fr. Nioret dropped the five of us (Br. Dominggus, Boni, Migs, Noble and me) in Plaza Independencia. From there, one could reach the place after a good 10 minute. He would have to pick Brs. Erick and Gene from the airport.

And then we walked.

We first reached Unitop. It's a wholesale/retail store that seems to offer potential gift items. We entered inside.

I think we bought most of our items in that store. I saw a wooden photo frame which I was planning to buy. It's interesting to note that in Divisoria, frames like those are sold for about P35.00, I only got it for P28.00. I also picked an ironing board (P205.00) and a raincoat (P51.00), but I needed a book to be given to another person, so I had to keep some amount when we fly to SM afterwards.

Christmas shopping is one event I am always thrilled and fearful of. Thrilled because of the excitement in hunting for gifts to be given away. Fearful, because of the kilometric walks I need to venture into to find the right gifts.

Our trip to Carbon was no different. It has these two elements. But I felt the complain of my legs when we headed to SM.

It was Br. Dominggus who suggested that we take our lunch at SM. It's not safe in Carbon.

The tarpaulin mounted on the glass panels of Jooney's made us not resist the most feasible offer for lunch. It offered the cheapest. My lunch cost P69.00.

In the National Bookstore, I found the right book. I cannot remember the title since I already wrapped it, but it sounded like "A Woman and her God." It's P175.00.

From there, We had to check something at CDR King for Br. Dominggus. Migs asked me to join him in buying something at St. Pauls.

That time, the pain in my legs was already in its climax.

We're on our way home when Noble told us that he still had some money. He asked us if he could treat us out. We nodded immediately without letting him finish his proposal. We didn’t have money already, we’re only able to set aside a little over P20.00 for the fare going back home.
Pictures can be seen here.