Monday, January 14, 2008

On letters

I love to write letters in as much as I love to receive them.
Among my novitiate batchmates, I think I am the most addicted in writing letters. I e-mail, send friendster/multiply messages, and in this age of information superhighway, I even handwrite my letters!

The e-mail below is one of the letters I got during my first days in the novitiate.

mabilis akong nakarecover kase noon pa man napaghandaan ko na ito... cguro after sembreak dba... halata naman cguro ung mukha ko noon... lalo na b4 practice teaching.. d ko matago na hindi na ako masaya... na parang patay na ung dating apoy na nagbabaga.
i tried to flame on pero talagang di na kaya tas naexpose pa ako sa labas... hahaha... that prepared me and sad to say, made me wanna go out na kahit matanggap man ako eh hindi parin sure kung tutuloy ako... i also enjoyed our stay in ba2lao... lalo na nung we went out of our way to explore UNREVEALED terrain tas ginabi tayo at di na alam kung paano makakabalik dahil don sa makulit na guide na c eugene... hahaha.
di naman sa nag-enjoy ako na nawawala na tayo... nagenjoy ako kc ayos lang sakin mawala basta kayo mga kasama ko... hahaha =p
hope u found ur place there...
Why am I posting this?
1. I seldom receive letters falling into such category. There's openness, spontaneity, trust and sincerity.
2. I ran out of ideas to post in my blog.
3. The letter sender celebrates his birthday today.