Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Fr. Godo, our Theology of Religious Life teacher, challenged us to update the book written by Fr. Cogliandro. The book is a comprehensive compilation of various stuff on the "Religious Life."

The book has been used by the novices of yesteryears over the three decades! Fr. Chito, over supper the other night, also remarked that the book needs some updating since varied Church and Salesian documents have been published over the past three decades.

The batch acceded to his challenge. Yesterday, Migs (the batch president) called for a meeting to iron out the details of the project. What is good is that Fr. Godo gave us half of his periods to work on it.

If things will work out well, we hope to finish everything on or before March. We're doing this as well since the copies of the book in the library are running out. And hearing from some sources about the possible humongous size of novices next year, we really ought to work on it.