Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How to return to Don Bosco?

This entry is one of the articles in the current issue of Inner Glimpse, the official publication of the Sacred Heart Novitiate.

The 26th General Chapter commences this month in Rome, with more than 150 participants expected to come. Its main theme is Return to Don Bosco, both a celebration of the rich heritage of the Salesian founder and at the same time, a fitting challenge to look into the credibility of the entire congregation as “a sign and bearer of God’s love to the young.”

We thought of asking some of the Salesians both from the FIN and FIS provinces as regards the concrete way to return to our founder, and here is what they said.

St John Bosco was a master in youth ministry. He took the young as they were, and journeyed with them on to total growth. Imagine Dominic Savio. In the midst of activities galore, he never lost sight of the process of growth unfolding in the young.
-Fr. Mario Antonio Villegas Baclig, SDB

To be physically and interactively present with the young especially in the playground, sharing with them good inspiring stories; leading them to discover Jesus' love already in them - to grow in this love through the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation.
-Rev. Drans Nolasco, SDB

Return to Don Bosco could be best expressed in returning to the weekend Oratory.
-Fr. Godo Atienza, SDB

Rediscover the spirituality of Don Bosco in practicing it in our day to day life—in both individual and community life.
-Br. Ed Villordon, SDB

PRESENCE: Constant and direct encounters with the Lord and Don Bosco in, with and through the young.
-Fr. Dennis Meim, SDB

Bring back the Oratory and the spirit of Valdocco.
-Fr. Andy Mendoza, SDB

Recover the love for the young and the poor.
-Fr. Leonard McManus, SDB

To return to Don Bosco, we ought to be poor, not only to work for the poor, but our poverty must be concretely shown in our Spartan and frugal lifestyle .
-Fr. Andy Wong, SDB

Reappropriating the charism of Don Bosco would entail more than just returning to it, and repeating it in a superficial way. We need to do a deeper act of reclaiming, and reclaiming includes going deeper into ourselves and reclaiming a sense of self molded in the likeness of Jesus the Good Shepherd. This demands as much self knowledge as the Lord's flock, as knowledge of the Supreme Shepherd.
-Fr. Chito Dimaranan, SDB

Be faithful to the constitutions.
-Fr. Peter Porio, SDB

Return to Don Bosco means renewal of our Salesian life through the concrete practice of the Preventive System.
-Fr. Julius Sanchez, SDB

Go back to the constitutions and know the constitutions really well.
-Fr. Ronel Vilbar, SDB