Saturday, February 09, 2008

I shot the provincials!

In one of the good night talks of Fr. Ronel, our rector, he mentioned that the presence of the provincial is not merely opening the gates of the community to a special guest, but more importantly, we welcome Don Bosco in our midst.

The presence of the provincial in the midst of the local community is indeed a moment of grace. It goes beyond the cordiality and formality of receiving a visitor, but more importantly, the family of spirit and communion is much felt and emphasized.

Today, I can certainly feel that sweet flavor of living in the religious life. And not only because the provincial of the FIS province, Fr. Julius Sanchez, SDB, is in our community for his canonical visitation, but my own provincial, Fr. Andrew Wong, SDB, dropped by today (he’ll stay until tomorrow) to meet us.

To date, this is his third visit since we entered the novitiate.

Over supper, the upbeat conversation on practically any matter was more delicious than the food we’re nibbling. Fr. Julius was hilarious. Fr. Andrew was modest. And yet, they have such a wonderful chemistry together. I felt relaxed despite the fact that these two guys call the shots in the Salesian Philippine provinces.

I asked the two provincials if I could take a photo of them together, and they gladly posed.