Friday, February 15, 2008

The Lord is “I am”

"I am" is the title given by God to introduce Himself when man seeks what name he could use to introduce Him to the rest.

And this very title I also choose as the most appropriate title for Him.

Come to think of it, "I am" is not merely a concrete image (as contrast with Good Shepherd, Bread, among others). It does not give a mere idea of a thing or a person.

This "name of God" comes as a complete package. This is not only true in His very name, but by His very nature. He's the creator, the savior, and the most able counselor!

This title of God strikes me because God introduced His name not as a collection of letters that completes a word, but He introduced himself as a complete sentence. It has a subject and a verb. And for somebody like me who was (and will be!) an English teacher, this matters.

This very title of Him bears with it a sense of "volunteerism." There's an ownership of responsibility (as in, "I am here. Don't you worry.") being conveyed by this name. Hence, one who hears this will be surely be comforted.

I think, that's exactly what God wants to convey by His introducing this very name. He is in charge. And whatever tempest comes, I should always cast my trust in Him. I know that he is there. He is the "I am."

And this title is bigger than me, bigger than the problems that weaken me, and even bigger than life itself.