Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

One gospel commentator wrote that Easter is a story of the unexpected.

Its characters were all taken by surprise because they did not know what was coming.

The event took place in the early dawn. Darkness was in its zenith.

The narrator described how a woman, upon seeing the empty tomb, rushed to “Peter and the other apostle whom Jesus loved.”

This strange news which reached them in an unholy hour must have taken them by surprise. They did not see such event coming. They both ran to the site.

They buried him only three days ago. With this turn out of events, they could not grasp completely what was in the offing.

They were in the dark.

But Easter is not only a story of the unexpected. It is also a tale of wonderful anticipation.

The tomb which was emptied, gave them, unexpectedly, a glimmer of hope.