Friday, March 28, 2008

Fr. Wong is the new EAO Regional Superior!

Earlier this afternoon, Br. Dominggus was teasing me since he got the news that Fr. Andy Wong, my provincial, might be the next superior of East Asia Oceania Region. I shrugged it off since it was far from reality.

The last time I talked to Fr. Andy--that was just a month ago--I asked him if he would accept a second term just in case. Without even putting much thought into it, he told me that it might not be possible since he wanted to return to the missions.

When Fr. Master heard Br. Dominggus, he also seconded the teasing. Good thing, Noble, the other professandus, had his own candidate: his own provincial, Fr. Julius.

I silently thought (and wished!) that Fr. Julius would be it. The mere thought that Fr. Julius becoming a regional superior is something out of the box. And his healthy sense of humor injected to each house of the entire region will be fun! And so, I won over the side of Noble. Fr. Julius should be it.

During the study period, I heard again the voice of Brother. That time, his tone was no longer teasing, he sounded victorious over some betting game.

Fr. Nioret exclaimed that Fr. Wong is the new regional superior. Quoting Fr. Ronel's e-mail (as he quoted the rector Major), Fr. wong is "the first truly asian regional," and the first Filipino in the General Council.

All the best, Fr. Wong. You have more reason to attend our profession on May 6 since we still belong to the vast region of East Asia Oceania.

And Fr. Julius, Noble and I are betting on you to be the next rector major after 2014!