Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On solicitations

We finished sending our profession solicitation letters some three weeks ago. Noble, the other professandus, did his part in following up the houses of the FIS. The Philippines is divided into two Salesian provinces, FIN (where I belong) and FIS (where the novitiate house is located).

I started following up the solicitation from the FIN houses last Monday and for someone like me who loves reclusion, I did not like it.

The task could have been easier, I guess, if Migs and Boni were here. They're the more outgoing ones and talking it out with people is just a piece of cake for them. I guess I would enjoy it calling the communities I know some salesians in, but for most of the houses, this is not the case.

Plus, it's asking money, something that I did not look forward to doing.

But I must.

I scoured all the euphemisms I know and used them all to avoid the direct statement "we need money for the profession."

But you see, this difficult job becomes a lot easier when I heard familiar voices which made me feel at home. The baritone voice of Fr. Roel, rector of the Post Novitiate community, cheered me up when he seemed to have noticed my sullen spirit. "Get used to asking. You'll be doing it for the rest of your life" he quipped.

And then, there were Frs.Putzu and Battad whom I have not ever seen in person, rectors of Salesiana Publishers and Mary, Help of Christians Shrine, respectively. Their voices communicated to me that unique and incomprehensible Salesian warmth that found its way beyond the optic fiber technology of PLDT.

I also wish to note the generosity of Fr. Favie of Don Bosco-Tarlac who immediately asked his secretary to deposit the money to our bank despite the fact that they are hard up these days.

I am afraid to return to FIN after my profession. The reasons, I am not sure if I can write here, but knowing that there are great Salesians waiting for me there, I am inspired to return home.