Sunday, April 27, 2008

Holding off

I just got back from my five-day retreat at Dumaguete. The retreat was a breeze despite the fact that it was just the first time that I experienced a semi-directed retreat. Kudos to Fr. Roel, our retreat preacher and my future interim rector for his preaching skills and especially in his patience in bearing with my intricacies.

The event culminated with an overnight outing at Dumaguete (ie, tour around the place and snorkeling at the Apo Island).

My head is still throbbing in pain due to the 5-hour land trip. But I am thrilled to return back to the novitiate house, and for the next days or so, relish the experience of how it is to be Don Bosco’s “apple of the eye.”

I know that time will fly so fast these coming days.

This thought became apparent when I saw that my place in the study hall and dormitory bear already a name that is not mine.

Two more nights and I’ll bid goodbye to the novitiate house.