Friday, April 18, 2008

Random photos

There is a bane in having a relatively big memory card stuck in my camera, it has taught me to become complacent in emptying my memory card thinking that it will always have an ample space anyway.

The advantage, definitely outweighs the drawback.

The Youth Jam, Lawaan style!

The aspirants way of sending off Frs. Nioret, John, Wilbert and Br. Dominggus farewell.

The novitiate house before my lens.

Paula and Kinji, chihuaha puppies of my good friend Jesvir, seemed to be satisfied being stuffed in his traveling bag. He brought them with him when he dropped by for a visit yesterday.

Ma'am Elsa Villordon, mom of Br. Ed, turned 70 years old last Saturday. We came to join the rest of the well-wishers.

JJ, one of our KOAs in Camella, poses before the camera with gusto! He bagged the KOA of the month award for March. This was taken two Sundays ago.

Our own KOAs belt it our for Br. Noble as they serenade him on the ocassion of his 31st birthday!

Gari accompanies me to SM today.

Welcome to my life, Bud! Thank you, Fr. Master.