Thursday, May 01, 2008

First day of May

Today, we marked our first year of being novices. We were accepted to the novitiate exactly one year ago by Fr. Julius, the provincial of the FIS.

We had our Mass in the novitiate, joining the new batch of novices. Upon the request of Br. JM, the new assistant, I remained to be the animator, at least for today. We had our breakfast with the novitiate sector. The feel of the novitiate refectory, housing 15 individuals all in all, is a far cry to the spacious dining hall we used to occupy when we were just seven, and then finally, five.

Instead of doing our chores, Br. Dominggus, called for a meeting to iron out the details of our preparation for our profession. In the afternoon, we joined the new batch during games in the football field.

After taking showers in the afternoon, we had our novitiate chronicle reading for the month of April. For the first and last time, we had the reading of the chronicles in the classroom. The new members of the novitiate sector—Fr. Godo and Br. JM included—also joined us.

The goodnight talk was delivered by Fr. Godo. Instead of having it after the rosary, as was our practice, he had it in the study hall, after the night prayers. After which, we went to the retreat house for the night rest.