Monday, May 19, 2008

Home at last!

I'm writing this entry in Canlubang, my first since I've arrived "home." I've been away from Cebu for over a week now, but I was told to stay first with my family for some days before finally settling down here.

And trying to be an obedient religious, I did just that. I had to turn down, albeit painfully, the not-so-few invitations to meet old buddies.

There would be time for that, hopefully soon.

The only major gig I went to attend to was the christening of Jian (Mike's son) of which I stood as one of the godfathers. A little sidebar to that was the mini-reunion of some former students, who were also around for the event.

As I pound on the keyboard, my head throbs in pain. Migraine again? No, my head feels heavy. Maybe because I spent practically the entire morning fixing my things, ironing some clothes, my cassocks included, and wondering about the community schedule for the coming days. But I feel that I'll fall into sickness. I hope not.

We went for swimming in the afternoon. That served as our game for the day. We're just four, and the thought of playing basketball did not cross my mind. Not yet. Maybe, not at this time. When the aspirants are around, maybe I can entertain the thought of playing that ball game. Let me return to some pensive thoughts on the swimming pool.

The swimming pool brought me to a lot of interesting recollections of the past years. I was there when that pool was being constructed. In fact, when it was already functional, I was tasked to be in-charge of it for quite some time, spending my manualia (manual work) in that pool all by myself, scrubbing the mildews, ordering chemicals, and at one point, I even served as a life guard!

You see, I may be the lamest and feeblest player of any ball game, but when it comes to water, I don’t only swim, I soar. Blimey, I’m bragging. But yeah, I believe I do well in water than in figuring how to toss or dribble or kick the ball. Under the water, or even over it, my movement is always graceful.

I'll write more next time. Time is up.