Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Making my blogging presence felt once again

I’ve been thrust into a blog vacation spree for the past two weeks. I was in mobility for the past days, and looking for a material time to spend in front of a PC monitor seemed impossible.

But on the hindsight, I must say that I enjoyed being away from the keyboard, albeit for a while. I realized that it did me good because I did not have any need of visiting the cyberspace since some individuals who matter most to me came in person the past days and made their loving presence felt.

Even up to now, I keep a mental tab of the possible dates when I can renew my ties with dear friends who went into hibernation for some time. I relish the simple of thought of such event, and the delicious-after-taste brought about by my encounters with some of themnever fail to console me.

Checking on the statistics of this blog, it dawned on me that my blog entries multiplied, almost exponentially, upon my entry to the novitiate, and especially during the most crucial months.

The hobby of simply expressing myself through this medium has spawned into a medium of survival. My unpolished thoughts did not only crystallize, they have become bigger than me, and even bigger than life itself.

Writing has been a healthy form of sublimation for me—and a splendid way to reach out to people—both real and imaginary.