Friday, August 15, 2008

The Woman in the life of seminarians

The tradition of Don Bosco's oratory is very much alive in the seminary grounds of Canlubang of the FIN!

On the eve of the Solemnity of Mary's Assumption, the Aspirants and Pre-novices staged an academy in honor of the Blessed Mother, a long time tradition that dates back to the time of Don Bosco.

The aspirants and pre-novices wowed the audience, mostly comprised of the members of the Salesian family and the EPC of the school, when they demonstrated their acting prowess. They presented a monologue entitled "Ang Babae sa Buhay ng mga Seminarista" (The Lady in the Life of the Seminarians). The story consists of the personal accounts of four aspirants (Kevin Dimalanta, Jules Punsalan, Rodil Lleandones and Roman Torres) and pre-novice Dennis Maleon.

Fr. Noel Sumagui, the prefect of discipline, directed the monologue.

The production was about five young men and their varied reflections on their affection towards their respective "special woman" in their lives. Each of them has so much interesting stories to tell. These narratives ended up with a big question: What happens now that they're inside the seminary?

Those who contributed the stories were also the ones who acted it out. The result was a rather interesting plot, if not an altogether amusing peek into the "humanity" of the seminarians.

Br. Jomar Castillo of the post-novitiate community, wrapped up the monologue, highlighting the significant role of Mary as THE Woman in the life of every seminarian and Salesian.

These stories were weaved into one seamless script by Br. Donnie Duchin Duya (of the Post novitiate community).

The seminarians serenaded the Blessed Mother by an original score composed by Asps. Nathan Petate and Reggie Bernardo.

Just like the long-standing Oratory tradition, the night was capped off by the good night talk of Fr. Rolo Alcasid, the rector, challenging the seminarians to imitate Mary in her humanity, one of the emphases of the pre-novitiate formation. He also thanked the members of the Salesian family for manifesting the importance of Mary in their lives by their presence.

Photos may be accessed here.