Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pro Vobis Studeo!

We wrapped up our class in Critics yesterday with our professor expressing his desire to be invited again to teach us metaphysics next semester. He also wanted to send our formators his best regards, and even his praises for us his students since we were able to cover the entire course despite missing some sessions.

Today, our teachers in both Catechetics and Salesianity partially sealed the semester. Partially, because we still have to submit to Fr Francis a polished paper in Salesianity, and our oral exams in Catechetics will still take place sometime next month.

The first semester will be over in a matter of days. And I guess, we are all now in the "integration mode" in time for our exams next week. But more than studying for the exams, I recall the words of a friend was the summa cum laude of his batch and himself a product of the postnov formation: "The young people deserve only the best from us."

We run the risk of treating our motto as "pro vobis studeo" as a mere flatus vocis, a flat voice, an empty word. But I hope that these words will be of help in directing us to embrace the challenges of "pro vobis studeo."

We study, work, and pray…because the young people deserve nothing less.