Saturday, October 04, 2008

Apostolate in Caritas Don Bosco

I was in Caritas Don Bosco yesterday. The four of us go there every Friday for our weekly ministry. I handle the high school students belonging to the Knights of the Altar (KOA) group. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s basically an organization of young boys who serve at the Mass. I don’t know if I wrote something last year about my apostolate, but it’s the same group which I handled when I was in Cebu for my novitiate.

Anyway, this group is different because it’s parish based. And it’s a new thing for me since I don’t call the shots. The teachers there are the main animators; we only come to lend some help. And since the group since running smoothly without any inputs from me, I get to enjoy the perspective of how it is to be an ‘outsider’ inside. I felt like I was more of an observer, which is quite cool because I get to know the members informally, since I am not considered to be in the leadership.

Now, yesterday was rather different. For one, I got some new names of members in my head, and had some good time with the familiar ones like James and Higy (I’m not sure if I got his name correctly). And then, another reason was the activity they were in was rather light, or so I thought. I saw Sir Allan, the KOA animator, scribbling some questions on the board. The questions pertain to the experiences the members have about the group (something like, how long have they been in the KOA, experiences of joy and even challenging ones, etc.). I would know later on that they’re meant for sharing. But instead of dividing the group into smaller ones, those who would be called would be sharing in the assembly (something you could see in the photo I pasted here).

He called the senior members of the group to start the ball rolling. And then, I was in for a big surprise. I was part of those would be sharing!