Monday, October 27, 2008

Educators' congress

If you’ve caught the tags of Migs in my shoutbox, you should be aware that I am off to Don Bosco in Makati for the third Salesian educators congress today until Wednesday. We’ll join in the 3rd Salesian Educators’ Congress. I don’t wish to exaggerate but it’s a humongous event. I learned that our high school students in Canlubang will miss classes (yahoo!) because of the event.

An estimate of 800 teachers of Don Bosco schools in the country will be participants.

Among the invited speakers are Gov. Eduardo Panlilio, Mr. Francis Magalona, Mr. Kip Oebanda. Incidentally, they are all alumni of Don Bosco institutions.

We were not supposed to attend, but a plea of help from Fr. Elu made some miracles. We’re coming in as synthesizers and I’m just thrilled working as one. The educators’ congress is really an important venue for the Salesians since we are in the educational apostolate. and as such, it is relevant to us even if we’re not totally immersed yet in the ministry.

But I have to be honest, the inputs that will enrich me is one thing, and seeing my former classmates is another. Migs confirmed that Gon is attending, and so is Joseph.

And the four of us will be there! Whoa! It will really be an instant reunion all over!


  1. Hope that you have a great time! Sounds like fun!

    I sent you a private message via Entrecard a while ago...just wondering if you received it. I have a gift for you! If you didn't get the e-mail let me know and I can send it again.


  2. hi sweet mummy. i just got your present. and my eyes are all watery, moved by your gentle thoughtfulness. Thanks a bunch. God bless.