Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sem Break

This week, we officially begin our semestral break. A quarter of my two years of stay in the Postnovitiate is over. I’d like to write something about that, but this entry is dedicated to something else: my holiday resolutions.

Fr. Mike, our prefect of studies, encouraged us to use this break well, to accomplish stuff that had been set aside because of the demands of the academics.  In order to organize this almost two-week break, I thought of pulling of the following:

  1. Write letters to some friends—former seminary companions, classmates, students, and even mentors, whom I’ve not been in touch with for the past months.
  2. Clean and organize my desk in the study hall.  The papers have started to accumulate. It’s good that Br. Jomar hasn’t returned yet the ring binder, it will be of big help.
  3. Do my personal readings. The Sophie’s World has become so interesting when I was reviewing for the finals! Now, I have more time to spend in order to read it.
  4. Wrap up the SignBearer. This is one backlog of the now-historic first semester that I need to work on. But I am undermanned. Sigh.
  5. Do advance readings of the subjects we are to take next semester.  I heard that we have some interesting subjects in line for the next semester. I hope to do some readings before the classes begin.
  6. Fr. Roel left with me his tattered rosary. He asked me to fix it before flying to Rome. I can work on it next week during our mid-year camp.

They say that the devil gives work to idle hands. I hope that these six items will keep me busy for the next two weeks.