Friday, October 10, 2008

A tribute to my teachers

I read the other day in one daily that October 10 is set aside to remember our teachers. However, wanting to check the accuracy of the news, I made a quick search and realized that in the Philippines, the Teachers' Day (Araw ng mga Guro) is in fact held every October 5 by the virtue of Proclamation Number 479.

Just the same, I wish to honor my mentors who shared their talents and wisdom, and undeniably have contributed to who I am now. My heartfelt thanks!

Ms. Aileen Casita
Ms. Avelina Jimenez
Ms. Elvira Khalid
Ms. Juliet Gonzales-Buis
Ms. Dionisia Paguirigan
Ms. Velma Criste
Mr. Rodante de Leon
Ms. Lydia Bacasno
Ms. Luz Valdez
Ms. Gertrudes Gerong
Mr. Sol Gabriel
Mr. Ben Nelmida
Mr. Nelson Ramirez
Ms. Aileen Castro
Dr. Grace Alfonso
Dr. Mel Bandalaria
Fr. Chito Dimaranan, SDB
Fr. Mike La Guardia, SDB