Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trip to Quiapo

Br. Jomar accompanied me last Friday to Quiapo. I wanted to have my eyeglasses fixed but I ended up buying a new pair instead. I’m saving it for my next entry.

Let me write something about Quiapo.

It was my first time after more than a year to visit the place again. Nothing much has changed. It was a Friday, hence the place was booming with activities. And to think that we reached the place when the sun was at its peak.

Christmas song jingles blared in the background as the vocal sound of both vendors and buyers tried to compete with them. The traditional trades were there to complete the sight: sampaguita garlands, toys, kitchen provisions, medicinal plants, candles of various colors, religious articles in big and small were there, too!

When I was I college, I would walk from Quiapo church to the university belt where my school is. And at many times, I could not find my way. I blame it on my curiosity in examining the various merchandise offered by enterprising street hawkers which makes me land on unknown alleys. But I would not be bothered at all. For each time, I would enjoy the experience.

I so love the adventure of losing myself in Quiapo, thinking that I am safe. Yeah. Quite an irony since ir was (or, is it still is?) infamous for pickpockets. But I never encountered any of them.

Who knows, maybe in the future? But then, for now, let me enjoy the Quiapo-ish scene I secured in my mind, and in my camera lens.