Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Lian, Batangas

Over the short term break, we went to Lian Batangas and stayed in one of the rest houses there for some days. It was such a welcome respite after the grueling first semester of studies.

Walking along the shore, when the sun was about to set, I took these photos.
Aside from the picturesque view, the tranquil water captivated me.
That awesome feeling was quite reassuring.
I may be alone,...But I am certain that I am safe here.
The pastel rays of the King Sun still warm me.Such a sight to behold... All hail to the great Painter!
Priceless is your golden paint!


  1. Nice photos here Bro. Good Job!

  2. thanks, ruthi!

    i hope you well. i did not post your other post (pun, an accident!) private na lang. prayers. :-)

  3. Gumagamit po ba kayo ng SLR sa photos niyo? I love the 2nd photo. :)

  4. nope. i used to have an SLR, but it's not digital. all the photos i used in this site are from olympus digicam fe180.

    my favorite is the 3rd to the last. i so love panoramic shots e. plus the various hues...ah! so lovely.