Friday, November 14, 2008

On the governance of a philosopher-king

This semester, one of the subjects that has caught my fancy is political philosophy.

You see, the science of politics interests me. News articles about governance and elections appeal to me. I have a couple of books in my shelf that are politics in nature. When I took up political science in college, I had the impetus to read the works of Machiavelli who was a favorite of my professor. But I guess, I was not ready exploring those those literary genres during that time.

Anyway, politics is such an essential element in the development of the human civilization. And fusing this science with philosophy in order to deal with essential questions is such just amazing.

Fr. Joel, our professor, asked us only one requirement for the whole of the semester. A paper on a societal issue which is political in nature and some thoughts of a philosopher which we could use to explain the phenomenon.

I turned in my research proposal yesterday, and this is what intend to do.
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