Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas header and sundries

After pestering Br. Jomar to design a new header for me, here it is, a new header which will be up for the entire Christmas season!

Thanks, Joms! What a fantastic work! :-)

Having posted this, I realized that I'd be forced to write stuff about Christmas. But that could wait...

I've been to a roller coaster ride of emotions over the past days and that made me slow down a wee bit in updating this blog. Sorry, it’s not for public consumption. Let me just keep the details in my private journal.

* * * * *

Today starts the first day of our Christmas break. I have to be honest that I’m just way too excited to be home again.

I begged off to join some friends to go to Sagada since it would be my first Christmas to be with my family. I realized that if I would push through with it, I would lose at least three nights away from home. Also, it would be the first Christmas without Dixie, my brother. Before leaving for U.S., he gently reminded me to look after our parents since he would be out.

And as a doting son and a good brother, I would just have to stay at home most of the time.

But that should not prevent me from meeting some buddies over the 17-day break. I sought the blessing of my rector to see some good friends during vacation. In fact, as early last week, I got some invites for a mini get together one of these coming days.

For starters, I’ll join some former seminary companions (Rob and others on the 21st of this month. The following day, I’ll be present in the gathering of one of my seminary batches. After the holidays, I’ll also be meeting some college friends. And I’m mulling over if I’ll be attending a wedding in Puerto Galera.


Now let me just conclude this so that I could bid goodbye to some seminarian friends on the other side who will have to stay in the seminary compound for some days more!


  1. kainggit ung headers! isang taon na blog ko pero default pa rin header nito haha.

    maligayang bakasyon sau

  2. hi abou!

    masaya kapag mayroon kang kaibigan na creative. suwerte lang ssiguro ako!

    i visited your site. hanga ako sa consistency mo sa posting.

    hindi ko kakayanin ang ganuon!

    God bless!

  3. happy holidays, br. donnie! :)

  4. hi bro. donnie

    wow..ang ganda at galing....basta sa jan.3 sana makapunta ka,alam mo ba bilib sayo fiance ko ang talino mo daw at gusto ka nya ma meet xmas gift mo nalang samin makapunta ka.sana payagan ka ni santa rector mo.......ingat!

  5. hi mike! iread your christmas post. your's is always an eye candy. i so envy your graphic skills!

    meery christmas!

  6. hi dta. salamat. hindi ko pa rin sure. pero kung hindi man. i promise to pray for your marriage.

    i can only be happy for you.

    God bless.

  7. :) sb's blog is running OK~ start posting! :) login dets in you inbox~ FYI.. p Christmas! :D