Friday, January 30, 2009

Fire-tried gold

The “Father and Teacher of the Young is one remarkable title conferred to Don Bosco by no less than Pope John Paul II: a fitting tribute for the 73-year old saintly priest who labored so hard so that the young people of his time—particularly the poorest and the abandoned—could have better chances in life.

Indeed, the way Don Bosco chose to thread was a difficult path. There was a time when he and his young friends had to roam around the streets in search of a decent place where they could hold catechism classes.

He was against all odds in safeguarding them: receiving harsh criticisms from the civil authorities and even from his own brother-priests because of the nature of his work.

Don Bosco firmly believed that the young people should become Good Christians and Honest Citizens as they prepare themselves to become one day, citizens of God’s Kingdom.

With the Divine intervention, and with his human effort, he was able to succeed in carrying out his special mission for God’s greater glory and for the salvation of the souls!

Don Bosco is not only our Father and Teacher. But he is also one remarkable example that the authenticity of gold is challenged by the smoldering blaze of fire.