Monday, January 05, 2009

A quick view of my first week!

Happy new year greetings!

I am writing this in the postnovitiate. I arrived some minutes before lunch last Sunday, January 4, and I found out that I was the first one (and only one, so far) to arrive home. Fr. Rey was still in Albay, Brs. Noble and Eric, my Pakistani confreres, have stayed in DBTI Makati since they arrived yesterday from Cebu. I heard from Ate Agnes that Fr. Mike would pick them up on his way here. Br. Jomar, whose family is just a few meters away from the Postnov house, dropped by this morning and told me that he'd be 'home' later this afternoon.

Whew!What a quick rundown of my community members' whereabouts!

The rather long vacation (around 17 days?) made me stay most of the time in our home. There were reunions (mostly with former seminary companions, and even with the Salesians like Brs. Lonxs, Rusty, and Jake), but I avoided to be out of the house for out of town trips. I was conscious that this is my first Christmas with my family, and I really wanted to just be home. At least mos of the time. Plus, my brother’s leaving the country made me think that perhaps, mama and papa are in grief losing both of their grown up kids.

When vacation was over, I note for the very first time, I felt so sad leaving our home. My mom whom I expected to have been used to my being in the seminary asked me "when will you be back home again?"

I do pray that they would be alright there...

One of my resolutions is to inculcate in me the appreciation for the scriptures. I know, I should have started a long long time ago. But I accept the fact that I am a late bloomer; along with this resolution is of course to carry out faithfully my plan of life! These are two humongous decisions for this brand new year.

The classes have started. Yesterday, in fact, our two teachers met us already. But today seems to be a different one since two our teachers took a rain check. This afternoon, we'll see if Fr. Vic will hold class. I'll be the reporter.

Thank God for some doses of inspiration He showered on me today since I am literally starting my paper in political philosophy. It was drought the past days, make it weeks even, with the sudden change of events, I seem to can't get over of the salvo of materials in front of me.

But I still pray for the grace to focus myself in studying some philosophical theses that will make our lives extra thrilling, at least for the next two weeks or so.

There. A nippy review of the events and thought and emotions that I’ve encountered over the past days.

Just an addendum:

It would be application time before this month ends. I wanted to apply for another year. Fr. Rey, my best rector so far, told me to continue opening my horizon to other possibilities. I am doing just that, but still, I am conscious that I take good care of my vocation to the Salesian. I feel safe here, in terms of the discipline of prayers and even of growing more in terms of virtues.

Please pray for me!


  1. ah, that made me missed my time in the joint..hehe Prayers for you bro! God bless! :)

  2. May God Bless u :) Wish u the best

  3. My prayers are with you Br. Donnie. :)

    Sorry nga po pala daw sabi ni Mikky. Di daw po niya kasi alam number mo. :(

  4. Always persevere brother and cherish the times that you are taught by your mentors and superiors... they are one of the best experiences that you could really miss when you are not in the formation anynmore.

    Pax et Bonum