Wednesday, February 04, 2009

random jottings

I have 15 minutes to spare. Let me do this quick.

This morning, I hurdled another major exams in Philosophy. To be specific, it’s on Metaphysics.

Last night, I convinced myself to proceed into my nightly routine (that is, wash up at 10 PM and have my Quite Time up until 10.30). I thought that there’s no point in extending to study since I felt that I already reached my saturation point. I felt that my mind was all filled up with so much philosophical terms that I could no longer absorb anything further.

We got the copies of the SignBearer yesterday. I was told by Fr. Principal and Fr. Dean that they would distribute the copies to their respective departments this Friday. Fr. Principal asked me to deliver the good morning talk this Friday to mark the distribution of the magazines. I was okay with the idea until I realized something. Thus, I might just convince him to delegate it to the Creative Director of the publication who teaches anyway in the department.

I wanted to write something more on the SignBearer, and its on-line edition, but I still need to accomplish the following:

· Report on Catechetics (due 17 February)

· Paper on Political Philosophy (due this Friday)

· Synthesis paper on Metaphysics (due this term)

· Synthesis paper on Medieval Philosophy (due this term)

Perhaps, it could wait. Anyway, I have the entire summer to write about it. I just wish that this semester ends well. Let me make that accurate, I hope that I end this semester well.

By the way, I joined Facebook two weeks ago. I’m still finding my way through the system. So much names, and faces. But I’m glad to see familiar people there.

Itchan even “sketched” my photo.

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