Monday, March 09, 2009

...And three more puppies!

I mentioned in my yesterday’s post that Ika (our Labrador) gave birth to 10 puppies, but two weeks ahead of her, Patty (a pit bull) gave birth to three cuddly pups. When I reached home, Patty did not only welcome me with a wagging tail, but with high bounces. Really, I was worried that she might landed on her sleeping puppies and crush them. But that’s Patty. The noisy and excited and rambunctious lot.

By the way, her puppies are a hybrid of pit bull and a retriever, since their dad is a Gollum, a retriever. The puppies are all stuffed and are heavy, the pit bull blood must have been dominated the gene battle. But the retriever seems to have lorded it over in the color department since two of the three puppies are black.

With the arrival of these puppies, we now have 20 dogs at home!