Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Christianizing the secular world

If we are keen in propagating God's Word, we could take advantage of media that are pervasive in this time and age and which are also used by our young people. I could think of the following media which we could tap in order to help us in the task of evangelization.


Web blog is commonly known in the secular world as blogging. criticized by many as a tool that leads individuals to self-indulgence, we can Christianize this medium of communication as the most inner desire of individuals to search for the truth.

Writing is not only a destination. It is also a process, a journey that enriches. And the more a writer lingers on circling around a particular idea, he/she arrives at the truth having fully considered various areas.

And because it is communicated to people on the global scale, it enjoins readers to search for the truth.


Friendster, Facebook, Multiply, Myspace, the list is legion. The dawning of these social networking sites may be seen in the negative as an encouragement to our young people to flirt, become exclusive, or lead them to further immorality.

However, I see these sites as an expression of our desire to be connected, to form communities, albeit in the virtual world, that will unite us as one humanity.


The advent of technology seems to have led us to relishing various gadgets that bring convenient and comfort to our lives. Music is one of them.

Ipod and other similar gadgets are fusion of man's desire for advancement and thirst for the arts. Indeed, truly a profound gift from the Supreme Inventor of all.


Cell phones revolutionized the way we communicate to the people around us. With the power of the thumb, we are able to reach people even those on the other side of the globe.

Prayer works this way, I guess. Our supplications don't need to be kilometric, especially in the context of the Salesian life, a short but frequent text messages will do!


Adults dismissed gadgets like these as a total waste of time, but this gadget underscores the usefulness of recreation, a way to relax, especially in tensed moments.