Saturday, April 04, 2009

Salesians for life!

On the Solemnity of St. Joseph, Brs. George, Arvin and Rhine professed to live as Salesians forever!

It was a simple event, marked with that familiar sense of warmth and candidness and humor.  I took some notes while Fr. Julius, the FIS provincial delivered a brief homily.

When the FIS and FIN separated in 1992, the FIS had 92 Salesians. Seventeen years later, FIS would have only 87 Salesians.

But despite the lack of personnel the province is expanding. God does his mission. We are not needed. We are just called.

In the future, when you are to experience setbacks, they are not supposed to be seen as vocational crises but challenges to deepen their Salesian vocation.

There's mission great ahead. Do not worry about your petty concerns.  Do not take back what you gave God today. Cherish this treasure. This is the most intimate way we have to relate with God.