Saturday, November 07, 2009

Patronage foray

Let me write something about politics this time.

Like many of the Filipinos who await the next political move of the President after her term ends next year, I am also curious about her plans. She can no longer run for the same position since the constitution of the country clearly bars any President to run for reelection. But she could opt to run for any other elective position.

The mainstream media might have noticed something in the offing, and so, they started to count the number of visits the President has made to Pampanga, her very own province. I checked out one news site and it revealed that she has made some 30 visits to the province this year; that was as of 26 October.

I didn't know what thin, but I sensed that something is not right. Until I read this column of Randy David today. David's analysis, and inevitably, didactics enabled me to name certain reasons why the President should be prudent enough in ensuring that what is in her heart is the common good of the entire nation, and not only of a certain region in the Philippines. After all, she is the mother of the country.

But of course, I heard about the reason of the government that her visits to her province “is part of her bid to bring government to the people and not her supposed intention to run for congresswoman in next year's elections.”

But David hit the nail in the head when he wrote that “During these local visits, the President brings with her virtually the whole superstructure of government, notably the departments that deal with front line services.”

And that has made me consider thinking about the other regions of the country which might be more in need of the attention, presence and help of the President.