Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Steps in discerning religious vocation

We all have our dreams for ourselves: good career, ideal family, sleek car, comfortable house. But is this what God dreams for us?

If you are serious in finding what God wants for you, consider the following steps:

1. Review your life history

See how God has been journeying in your life: the family situation, friends, desires, temperament, talents one possesses, future dreams and life goals, even interests, motivations to enter.

2. Pray for enlightenment

Consider that God calls, we merely respond. It is therefore necessary to keep in mind that we pray in order to know what He wants us to do. The question “Lord, what do you want me to do with my life?” could be used in your personal prayers.

3.  Inquire

Ask priest, brothers, sisters on their vocation stories could offer some insightful help.  This will provide you a close encounter with individuals who have said “yes” to God’s invitation to follow Him closely through the consecrated life. You may also read literatures about religious life through brochures, vocation posters, vocation websites, you could also send SMS to the Salesian vocations hotline (0906) 466- 9286.

4. Discern

Ask for spiritual guidance from individuals—priests, brothers, sisters, or even lay people—who may be of help to co-discern with him interpreting where God is calling him. This begins a journey of prayer, reflection, and an in-depth inquiry of the movement of Spirit in your life.

5. Decide

After a while, you may already move towards a specific path. Talk with your spiritual director about it. Keep in touch as well with the vocation directory as regards the time frame you have in mind. Continue to discern by maintaining a consistent prayerful stance.