Friday, April 13, 2012

Conquered Fears!

This piece was penned by then Asp. Paul Dungca, an incoming novice this year. He wrote it for The InsideOut, the official publication of Don Bosco Seminary in Canlubang Laguna.

Fear is rooted in one thing, uncertainty. We are frightened because we are not sure of many circumstances. Just for example, we are so afraid of ghosts/spirits because we have no concrete and sufficient knowledge on them. An analogy can be given to our up-to-the-minute Brother Assistant, Donnie Duchin Duya, not of the spirits but of the feeling—fear.

During the advent of his arrival, many of the seminarians were wandering on what kind of Assistant is in imminent. Several of them especially the lower years were apprehensive because of his peculiar face. It seems to be hiding millions of dogmatic stuff. Another reason of trepidation is that of his huge and heavy name, attached with an exclamation point, Donnie Duya! His postures and movement seems to be esteemed, vigilant and jagged. And apparently everything that concerns him must be in its most refined condition. Not wanting to be frank, but maybe 7 out of 10 seminarians have an impression that of he is “weird”, from looks to moves. And 3 out of 10 would say “a man of perfection”. Take it figuratively.

Now, it’s been two months since he “stunningly” arrived in our community. And ecce, fears started to subside, from impressions into recognitions. He “was” not the assistant of our ideals, not existing at all. His so called peculiar face is just a mere asset of his covered and yet genuine humility. Plus his name, it will remain as it is a sheer name—special and yet a personal term of his character on which later on will add a new meaning in their (seminarians) vocabulary, depending on their relationship to him.  His seemingly respectable postures where erased off by his “mock seriousness”, which is in reality his own way of sweet nothing and endearment. 

Making a survey now, the statistical and numerical value above will appear no more. Because since he arrived, he had only one goal and that is to penetrate each seminarian’s heart. Which will give him later on a ratio of 1 is to 1 (1:1), one Donnie is to one seminarian, diverse from each other.
I personally found it hard to write this article, I do not know on what to scribble about him and his influx. But shortly have decided to write my feelings towards him while jotting this, fear. Writing this, surely the fear will die, it will be conquered. For now, there is somewhat certainty.

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