Monday, September 11, 2006

birthday speech

below is the birthday speech i delivered three months ago. it is my shortest, and i venture, the shortest speech in the history of the seminary.

i asked some of my companions to read it before i deliver it to the community. most of them didn’t like it because of its diminutive length. but i have made my point in spite of its shortness. i don’t wish to speak more.

last night, i spent some five drafts preparing this birthday piece. ever since, i always believe that celebrating one’s birthday inside the seminary is a wonderful opportunity for us to learn from one another. the birthday speech that we prepare is an excellent medium where we could inspire one another to be more serious with our vocation.

however, i realized that the life we have is a lot better than the speech we prepare. and i guess that’s a better way of addressing the community, with the life that we lead and not with the speech we read.

thank you very much for listening. have a pleasant evening.

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