Sunday, September 10, 2006

cellphone tales

when i was still outside, it had become a habit for me to bombard my (globe) friends listed in my phonebook. roughly, i have about 55 friends who are globe subscribers. hence, one text message could instantly be transmitted to all of them. on the average, i could send at least five forwarded text messages to all of them, not to count the valid messages i would send to some of them when i need to make an inquiry, or just to keep the (invisible) line of communication burning.

yesterday, i yielded to the temptation of subscribing to unlimitext service of globe after more than three months of respite from getting in touch with my friends, former students, former colleagues, and even companions in the seminary.

i told myself that my cellphone is one of the things i feel like detaching myself from. it's the easiest access for me to reach any of my friends outside my fence. i seized texting my friends and limited my cellphone communication to mama, papa and dixie.

i am setting aside the idealism for the meantime, since i feel that it's also important for me to reach some of the individuals whomn i consider important to me. i have long considered that i am a companion, particularly to the young, and how easy it is to be with them, albeit through the power of the thumb, and of course, of my ever realiable phone.

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